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Modern yogis have crossed the snow borders of Himalayas and now feel quite comfortable in big cities. They are among top managers, CEO’s of financial structures and public figures, since first of all yoga is a knowledge. Knowledge of how to control yourself, how to achieve your goals, how to maintain your energy at a high level, and therefore your life. For this knowledge, we went to the Sanjeev Krishna Yoga Center on Al Wasl Road in Dubai.

What is yoga? Many people mistakenly think that yoga is a stretching exercise. However, yoga is much more subtle, complex and surprising thing than asanas. Yoga can change your life to the same extent that a 6-cylinder engine, put in place of the former 4-cylinder, can change the power of the car. Or as if you put a processor in your computer that is 2-4 times more powerful than the previous one. The shell would remain the same, but the computational and distinctive abilities, strategy, performance and speed of your computer would be much better.

But yoga needs to be carefully and patiently studied. First of all, yoga (without going into different philosophical definitions) is a system of psychophysical practices aimed to archive balance of your body and mind. Yoga unites the mind and body, with the help of yoga you gain support from the center inside, which means that it will be difficult to confuse you.

Yoga is somewhat similar to psychology and psychotherapy, in the sense that they all work with human consciousness. There is only one “but”– modern psychology recognizes the mind, the intellect and the field of the unconscious, while yoga, in addition to the above, also recognizes the highest essence in a person, or the soul, which is decisive. This is the fundamental difference between Western and Eastern approaches to the human study. Both of them have nothing to do with religion. Yoga is outside of religion and can be applied by all people.

Asanas, or hatha yoga, which is now taught in almost all fitness clubs, is only one part of the 8 steps of classical yoga. And not the main, but rather the preparatory. Before proceeding with breathing exercises and meditation, body needs to prepare, stretch, open its energy channels. For this, Hatha Yoga was originally developed. According to Rishi Patanjali yoga consists of 8 limbs (including self-discipline, ethical principles, asanas, pranayama, detachment, concentration, meditation and samadhi) and is more similar to the system of practices and knowledge of the spiritual and physical upgrade of a person, to reveal the maximum potential in him. And if we compare our body with a very advanced gadget, then yoga is the tool that recharges you with energy. When you have a lot of energy – you love everyone, everybody loves you, you want to communicate and you have strength to achieve your goals. Low energy – you want to be left alone.

Therefore, with the right approach and proper guidance with the help of yoga you can achieve very impressive results. Forget ascetics who meditate in cold caves. Modern yogis above all are effective and realized managers of their lives. They know how to reach their potential, how to control their mind, how to increase their energy, how to control their anger. That is why this knowledge will be useful to anyone who at least think about self-development.

All of this is written to explain what Sanjeev Krishna is teaching in his center. Of course, you will find there different types of physical yoga, such as hatha, zero gravity, ashtanga and ashtanga vinyasa yoga, but still the most interesting is Rhythm of Life (ROL), the author’s course taught by Sanjeev Krishna himself. Don’t anticipate only asanas – he will give you the knowledge that will help to further balance your life and upgrade your current level.

Many people specifically go to Kailas, Dharamsala or Rishikesh to get such knowledge attending different retreats. But now it can be done in Dubai on Jumeirah. You will get the same knowledge based on the ancient classical Yoga Sutras.

Sanjeev Krishna himself has been practicing in Dubai for over 14 years, more than 6,000 people have passed through his center. He often conducts trainings and lectures in large companies like ENOC, Mars, GEMs, Emaar and others. This is the only yoga studio accredited by the Council on Yoga Accreditation International and awarded by Ministry of Health & Prevention of Dubai for participation in the World Health Program.

So, what can one expect from the Rhythm Of Life? First of all, you will learn the techniques of pranayama or breathing exercises. Why you need to know it? Our mind constantly jumps from one thing to another. Smells, music, visual pictures, someone’s words or different situations that happens around you always distract and confuse your mind. As a result, thoughts jump like crazy and you are continuing the internal dialogue 24 hours a day. Yogis have long noticed that the fickleness of the human mind is associated with breathing. By controlling your breath your control your mind and emotions. You do not need to breathe much – you need to breathe correctly. By calming the breath, you calm the mind. With a calm mind, you can make better decisions and therefore become more successful. Pranayama also increases vital energy through the control and regulation of its flow in the body.

Have you noticed how frequently we try to solve a problem while being stuck inside the problem? Often the solution lies outside. This is what Sanjeev explains in his course – how to transcend the framework in which you have placed yourself. After that amazing things can happen – questions that you could not find the answers to disappear as unnecessary. And when there are no questions, there are no problems.

But the most importantly – you will be given the knowledge of meditation. Despite all outward simplicity, it is very difficult to meditate properly. In silence the mind can throw out different tricks, and it is incredibly difficult to calm it down. That is why meditation is preceded by hatha yoga and pranayama – this is how the external ballast of unnecessary information that has accumulated in you is removed. You are cleaning your inner channels and relaxing. Meditation is too intimate and delicate process, but with this only technique greatest results can be achieved. That is why meditation is the main concept in yoga. Ancient Indian Rishis attained the highest spiritual knowledge that modern science is only now discovering exactly during meditation only.

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