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Basavaraj ACU academy

Basavaraj ACU Academy is the brainchild of Dr.Basavaraj.

 Alternative therapies have long had powerful supporters. They've been working for thousands of years, the problem was lack of education and communication, and it's being perpetuated now solely in the interest of Big Parma’s eye on profit.  As there is no one right religion, one right way to raise a child or one right way to eat so there is no one right way to treat someone who is ill. We are each an individual, our body’s minds and souls are a unique combination that together makes an individual and unique animated person. Who is to say that we must be treated by one form of medicine, especially one that does not take all three facets of that animated person into account when analyzing the illness, there are few Natural Healing techniques that are considering all together. Each year more than millions of people across the globe have to be hospitalized because of adverse drug reactions, as we are excessively depending on drugs.  95% of the diseases come from within the body; Diseases which come from outside the body are just 5%. Therefore, 95% of the Diseases in the world can  surely be  cured by ourself, we should  take care while  replacing our dependence from medicine to Self Healing methods. To strengthen the immune system, overcome body’s deficiencies, and increase efficiency, endurance of our organs with the natural resource. Let’s return to our roots. Seek natural remedies for your maladies. Don’t just medicate yourself to control the disease, nourish yourself to defend yourself from the disease.


Dr Basavaraj K, is qualified Acupuncturist, passionate Healer, Trainer in different Alternative medical techniques and one of the very few dedicated researchers in the field of pulse analysis. His passion has turned him to be a dedicated researcher for more than a decade in the field of pulse analysis and invented a pulse diagnosis device named as " NADISWARA & quot; that can measure and shows the human status at the physical and emotional level.

He did M.D in Acupuncture from Open International University for Alternative Medicines, Colombo, Srilanka and Practicing as well as doing Research in Alternative medicines (acupressure, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, Sojuk therapy) at his own Center (Basava Natural Healing Center). He has trained more than thousands of people in and around Karnataka having a vision that HEALER in EVERY HOUSE.


Nadiswara is a pulse diagnosis system which gives a complete health report of an individual by acquiring radial pulse. Nadiswara will give a scientific quantitative and measurable approach for the ancient traditional treatment techniques. It helps greatly for Healers, alternative medicine practitioners like Ayurveda, single point Acupuncture,Acupressure, Sujok, Seed therapy etc