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Dr. B.P. Pranav, Founder & Healer, created the brand ‘Get Cured – Holistic Rejuvenation’. With a Doctor of Honors in Alternative Medicines (IPU, Germany 2019) & Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines [ph.D (A.M.) (OIUAM 2018)], Dr. Pranav is a Class-A Registered Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicines under the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata. Apart from Master Degree MD(Alt.Med) he holds Additional Qualification in Alternative Medicine – 3 Diplomas & 6 Certifications.

Before entering in to Alternative Therapies,he had over 10 years of experience in sales & Marketing Divisions at various Industries like Electronic, Mobile, Insurance, Holiday Club & Banking. And holds 2
Master degrees M.C.A & M.B.A.

Dr. B.P. Pranav has been practicing Tibetan Energy Healing, Tibetan Yoga, Reiki Healing, Raja Yoga, Vipassana and other Buddhist Meditation Techniques since 2004, Alternative Therapies from 2008 and has been conducting workshops in Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Practices since 2010. He has created the unique energizing and healing phrases using unique cosmic healing methodology.
After learning & practicing Tibetan Energy Healing from Buddhist monks since 2004, he was leading a Monastic Life under the Preceptorship of Dr. Bhikkhu Bodhipala (Monk) and has been Ordained as Sramanera (Buddhist Monk) with the name of Ven. Sanghapala. He has practiced deep meditation in many places like Mt. Kailash, Kashi, Saranath, Solingar hills, Tirupathi, Etc. which helped open his high
level healing connection using the Pancha Bodha ( Space, Air, Water, Fire & Earth). Through Get Cured, Dr. Pranav has cured many common, chronic & acute ailments like Migraine, Diabetes to Cancer, gives solutions to Mental Ailments, helps & treats Children with ADHD, Autism, etc. Relieves many Life-style Disorders and helps Specific Women & Men centric Problems. These issues can be helped with both In-Person Therapies/ Workshops & Distance Healing Practices.