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Whole Body Rejuvenation

Internal Organ Exercise

Disease Based Class

Buddhist Meditation

Celestial Healing

List of Ailments can be Healed Thru Tibet Healing & Alternative Therapies by Healer Dr. B.P.Pranav with both In-person & Distance Healing Practices.

Healing Ailments that can be treated

Healing for Aliments

• Headache, migraine, Body Pain & Back Pain. • Injured pain, Spine Pain, Joint Pain & Un-Diagnosed Pain. • Nervous Disorder, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Chronic Illness. • Lungs, Kidney, Liver, Heart & Stomach Related Issues. • 1st stage Cancer, Chemotherapy undergoing patient & Dialysis patients. • Pre & Post Surgery Rejuvenation.


• Fear, Anxiety & Panic. • Stress, Depression, Phobias & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. • Personality Disorder, Traumatic Disorders, Mood Disorders & Psychotic Disorders. • Sleeplessness & Schizophrenia.


• Autism, ADHD, GDD, Eating Disorders & Behavioral Disorders.

Lifestyle Disorder

• Stress & Anxiety. • Hangover Issues & Jetlag. • Lack of energy & Frequent Tiredness. • Lack of Focus & Decision Making. • Food & Medicine Side Effect Issues. • Auto Immune Disease. • General Wellness. • Aura & Chakra Cleansing to become highly energetic.

Women Health

• Pre & Post Puberty-related Issues. • Irregular Menstrual Cycle. • Pre, during & Post Pregnancy-related Therapy. • Low Back & Spinal pain for Cesarean Patients. • Menopause-related Issues.

Men Health

• Sexual Impotence. • Prostate Gland Related Issues.


Pulse & Aura Diagnosis.

The In-Person Therapies/Workshops involves Courses like.

1. Whole Body Rejuvenation (WBR) which aligns the energy flow and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.

2. Internal Organ Exercises which corrects the Chi Energy to the organs and improves over all Efficiency of their functioning.

3. Disease specific classes that relieves ailments like Diabetes, Thyroid issues & Chemotherapy related issues.

4. Ana Pana Sathi which is the first meditation technique taught by The Buddha and which is widely practiced by monks across many Buddhist Monasteries.

5. Various Celestial Healing like Raiki, Aura & Chakra Healing and different types of healing using the 5 Natural Elements of Space, Air, Water, Fire & Earth.

6. Sri Gayatri Sadhana which teaches about the origin and the various methods of unlocking the Immense Energies of the Gayatri Mantra through various levels.

What is Tibetan Energy Healing?

It is the Process of transferring / directing Cosmic Energy (Also called as Chi or Pranic) by the Healer to the Patient’s Bio Magnetic Field (Also called as the Pranic Layer) to remove / restore toxins from all the 5 Physical layers. In this Method, the results are directly proportional to the Efficacy of the Healer’s Buddhist Meditation Practices. The healer invokes the divine Medicine Buddha Energy by using
Medicine Buddha Mantra Chanting and Meditation to cure Chronic Illnesses. By transferring the unlimited cosmic energy (in a specific speed and direction based on the ailments )into the limited physical body ( or to affected part) , the force of the energy cleanses the 5 Physical Layers, chakras, Nadi & the meridian which in turn balances the imbalance of energy flow.

Tibetan energy healing done 2 methods ( In person healing / distance healing).