Sky Wellness

Yoga Nidra

Program Details

It is a curative practice for various physical, mental, and emotional imbalances, leading oneself to blossom their creative potential. It consists of 5 stages ranging from levels 1 to 5.
Develop ESP (extra sensory perception) and master telepathy by reaching the highest potential your brain can function upon to achieve.
It helps in overcoming trauma, neurosis, phobias and the like, deep impressions of the mind releasing, anxiety stress and also aid in education, supports learning different languages, and many more countless benefits.
A form of self-psychotherapy guided by Guruji Sanjeev Krishna.

Master the science of doing nothing but gaining everything

Schedule of the program
One hour daily for 5 days followed by practice modules with the transcription
Who can do it.
Any one on a personal basis or as groups can do this session
Good for those who have high pressure jobs /top management professionals.
Those who want to release their stress, develop clarity of thought and have a relaxed state of mind throughout in all aspects of their functionalities.