Sky Wellness

Sky Foundation Program

Program Details

Introductory program to self-help training to up keep health at all levels
Benefits: know your body, learn about your health, rejuvenate and experience
Improves overall health, be it physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Improve your life style with food and nutrition for healthy living, self-discipline and make the
best of life by the knowledge and wisdom.
Durations: Five-day program – One-and-a-half-hour session
Contents: Introduction to basics for a healthy body. breathing techniques, Mind power enhancing techniques for wellness related to body rejuvenation and daily practice modules.
Subject of discussion, mental and physical harmony, food and nutrition, stress management,
Also subject on awareness in daily life.
Vital energy body rejuvenation, Mind body disciplining, overall wellbeing.
A manual will be provided .also personal guidance for daily practices.