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Rhythm of Life

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Success in life happens when we master the art of management, be it in any field.
Same is with our life through our body, mind, emotions.
When we learn the art of self-management, then life is a celebration every moment.
Master this knowledge to gain wealth, health, relationship, peace and harmony And experience the wisdom from Rhythm of Life classes.
Programmed, developed and initiated to thousands across the globe by Sanjeev Krishna backed with his knowledge for more than four decades in this ancient wisdom.

Mind used with intelligence is well rewarding
Mind used by ignorance is self-destructive in many ways.
Thoughts originates to words and to actions, formulating habits and character molding traits.
Mind used in fullness is rewarding, and that is success of human living.
Ignorance’s transcends as uneasiness in daily life. Dis-ease lead to depressions, stress, anxiety, obesity, back issues, breathing issues, cancers, auto immune diseases and what not?
Such imbalances are the suffering of the world today.
Knowing to set right such ignorance by the individual is mindfulness living.
This is the significance of RHYTHM of LIFE at Sanjeev Krishna Yoga.

Enhancing the Mind and the Body in all fullness’s,

Program: A ten day energizing classes, two hours each and a six-hour session on a weekend
Duration: 10 days – Free Intro + 2 hours for 9 days + 6 hours weekend for 1 day.
Contents: concepts on health, breath, mind and intellectual understanding for a vibrant and dynamic life for enhancing life in all fullness’s.

Benefits: Every moment in life becomes a celebration