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Program Details

Motherly protection derived as an art form  the ancient masters is called Kalarippayattu. Not to hurt, but to defend and protect oneself when in danger physically and to build strength, discipline, courage and confidence to face challenges necessary for every child from a young age.

Lesson Plans

We will introduce 3 levels in the beginning where children are physically strenghthened along with breathing techniques. The following are the sequence of the step by step lesson plan to modulate our little ones and train them to become masters of a wonderful personality. Teach them young to be the best of all tomorrow. Learn the art of self discipline, develop confidence, courage , attain body flexibility and core strength . To engage in any sports and activities, effectively and efficiently. All round physical, mental and emotional personality development training.

Level 1 – White Belt

Introduction and objectives
• Assessment criteria and examination
• Rules and preparation
• Warm up exercises
• Kalari Salutation
• Leg strengthening exercise
• Attack Methods
With the sequence of warm ups , breathing techniques , concept introduction with meditation and deep relaxation .

Level 2 – Yellow Belt

Advanced sequence of warm ups
Added with moves , breathing , concepts ,meditative practices and deep relaxation .

Level 2 – Orange Belt

·Warm up exercise
·Bare hand fight (chops and blocks)
·Leg exercise

  • Body movements and introduction to animal defense techniques breathing, interactive talks on the training
    and benefits.

  • With meditation and relaxation techniques